Jules Lacroix

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Jules Lacroix

Fruity and gourmand, the wines matured by Jules Lacroix capture the typicality of the Côté Chalonnaise wines, combined with a personal touch that charms the connoisseurs.

The Jules Lacroix winery respectfully works its vines and wines using traditional methods, in a responsible and durable manner.

The Winery

A passionate wine grower, Jules Lacroix spends the majority of his time amongst his vines. He trims and shapes them with the seasons.

Profoundly rooted to the traditions and knowledge passed down over generations, the Jules Lacroix winery cultivates its land with respect and is committed to maintaining this focus over all the steps involved in the development of its wines, which are matured in an old and magnificent cellar.
The Jules Lacroix winery therefore earns the recognition it deserves for the subtle taste of its Côte Chalonnaise wines.

This limestone dominated land is the author of wines of character. The Jules Lacroix winery offers wines from communal appellations and Premiers Crus such as le Mercurey, le Givry and le Rully for reds or le Montagny for the whites.

The Land

Burgundy is a land of farming, famed for its wine estates that create legendary wines like nowhere else.

This region, such as we know it today, is the fruit of a long story. Alongside other passionate wine growers, the character of Jules Lacroix can be contributed it as he dedicated all his life to the art of wine, spending all his time amongst his wines, never backing down for an instant.

The Vineyard

The Burgundian vineyard attracts many visitors thanks to its magnificent landscape and its exceptional wines.

When walking on the paths which crisscross the vines, it’s not rare to come across wine growers, backs bent over whilst gazing over the bunches of grapes. The vines need care at all times. They evolve and change all throughout the year, creating a wine estate of incomparable beauty.

To guarantee the excellence of its wines and bring out the best of the Côte Chalonnaise, the Jules Lacroix winery works in the greatest of respect for its terroir and its traditions.

Our Wines

Thanks to its expertise, the Jules Lacroix maison selects the best grapes and the most pleasant climates.

The work of the vine and the wine are intimately related.
The Jules Lacroix winery is committed to following this respectful work ethic where every step is carried out within the rules of the art, from the vine cultivation to the bottling process.